Latest Update: Aug 22, 2017 – Information regarding 9th MC / WG Meeting (September 18-19, Porto, Portugal) added.


  • Submitted files are sent to two reviewers from different countries than the home and the host institutions are located.
  • Reviewers evaluate:
    1. Quality and topicality of the proposed research
    2. Time schedule of STSM
    3. Contribution to work-packages and focus areas of the Action
    4. Benefits of cooperation between the host institution and visiting researcher
    5. The budget
  • The reviewer can grant 5 x 5 = 25 points to the best application. The minimum evaluation is 13 points to approve the STSM. Reviews are provided to the applicant.
  • The management committee (MC) is informed about the evaluation of STSM. Members of MC can express objections within 3 days. The applicant has to answer them.