Latest Update: Aug 22, 2017 – Information regarding 9th MC / WG Meeting (September 18-19, Porto, Portugal) added.

After STSM

After STSM, the visiting researcher has to send 2 files to

  • 11_Surname_report.pdf should clearly compare the planned research and the performed one. The report should answer questions we ask reviewers to answer (see below, please).
  • 12_Surname_paper.pdf should contain a draft of the paper publishing the outputs of the STSM. The paper should contain an acknowledgement that the research was supported by the COST Action IC1301 WiPE.

Both files will be provided to reviewers to evaluate if:

  1. The planned research was done.
  2. The research contributed to work packages and focus areas of the Action.
  3. The cooperation between the host institution and visiting researcher will continue in the future.
  4. The cooperation was beneficial to both parties.
  5. Finally, the reviewers evaluate the quality of the draft of the paper.

The reviewer can grant 5 x 5 = 25 points to the best report. The minimum evaluation is 13 points to approve results of the STSM. Reviews are provided to the applicant.

Independently, the host will be asked to approve that the STSM was successfully completed.

If approved, the grant holder will be informed that the subsidy planned in the budget of the STSM can be paid to the visiting researcher.