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Newsletter 9

WIPE - Wireless Power Transmission for Sustainable Electronics

WIPE Newsletter

Highlights from the Aaborg Meeting

The 7th Management Commitee / Working Group Meeting and Workshop was held in Aalborg, Denmark, from 8 to 9 of September 2016. The Meeting was organized by a team lead by Prof. Jan Hvolgaard Mikkelsen from Aalborg University.

A student contest was held where the following works were presented:
1. Marco Fantuzzi, Alessandra Costanzo, Diego Masotti, “UWB-UHF System with Improved Reader-Tag Distance”
2. Przemyslaw Kant, Jerzy Michalski, “System Concepts for Autonomous Wireless Charging of WSN Nodes in 3D Space”
3. Lukas Goertschacher, Jasmin Grosinger, H.N. Kahn, D. Amschl, P. Priller, U. Muehlmann, W. Bösch, “UHF RFID Reader Prototype for Narrowband Localization of Battery-less Tags”
4. Giacomo Paolini, “An Agile RFID Reader for Tracking Elderly People Occupancy in Indoor Environments”

The contest winner was Marco Fantuzzi, from University of Bologna, Italy.

Social activities included a dinner at Duus Vinkjælder, under the historic arches of the famous Jens Bang's Stone House from 1624.



Mar 19-24, 2017

EuCAP 2017, Paris, France (Submission deadline passed)

Mar 26-30, 2017

ACES 2017, Florence, Italy (Submission deadline 4 Dec 2016)

May 10-12, 2017

WPTC 2017, Taipei, Taiwan (Submission deadline 6 Feb 2017)

May 22-25, 2017

PIERS 2017, St Petersburg, Russia (Submission deadline 20 Dec 2016)

Sep 20-22, 2017

RFID-TA 2017, Warsaw, Poland (Submission deadline 28 Apr 2017)

Oct 8-13, 2017

EuMw 2016, Nuremberg, Germany (Submission deadline 13 Feb 2017)


Next meeting in Kosice, Slovakia

The 9th Management Commitee / Working Group Meeting and Workshop will take place in Kosice, Slovakia.

WIPE youtube channel

A video youtube channel was created and populated with videos from WIPE team members. The
video channel can be found here.

The story of Chargifi

Chargifi recently launched partnerships with UK organisations such as Pret A Manger and npower. Check the interview of the founder of the wireless charging start-up, here.

WIPE Special Session at ACES 2017 in Florence

COST WIPE will hold a special session at the 2017 ACES Conference to be held in Florence, Italy, from 26 to 30 March 2017. The deadline for paper submissions is 4th December 2016. More information.

COST WIPE Highlighted at IEEE Standards University e-Magazine

The IEEE Standards University e-Magazine has recently highlighed the COST action WIPE with a an article entitled: "Selected Developments in Wireless Power Transfer Standards and Regulations". The article can be found here.


COST WIPE created a Cartoon to explain what is Wireless Power Transfer to the general society. The Cartoon is available in different languages for download here,

Wirelessly powered drone

Researchers at Imperial College London have demonstrated that they can wirelessly power a drone while it is flying. More information.

World's first modular wireless power system

PowerbyProxi has created the world's first modular wireless power system which initially is being released for power transfer up to 100 watts. More information.
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