Newsletter of COST Action WIPE - Wireless Power Transmission for Sustainable Electronics

Newsletter 4

WIPE - Wireless Power Transmission for Sustainable Electronics

WIPE Newsletter

IC1301 - WIPE is a COST Action that aims to develop efficient Wireless Power Transmission (WPT) technologies and strategies tailored for battery-less systems and sensors, passive RFID and NFC, and establish Europe as a leading scientific and industrial player in this field. 

Enjoy our fourth issue!

March 16-18, 2015

GeMiC 2015, Nürnberg, Germany

April 12-17, 2015

EuCAP 2015, Lisbon, Portugal

May 13-15, 2015

WPTC 2015, Boulder, Colorado, USA (Submission deadline 31 January)

Next WG Meeting in Graz

Jasmin Grosinger from the RFID Technologies Group at the Institute of Microwave and Photonic Engineering, Graz University of Technology, will organize the next WIPE combined workshop and MC meeting, which is expected to take place between March and April 2015.

Who's who within WPT in Europe

A few months ago WIPE members were asked to fill out a form of who’s who in WPT in Europe. The first available information is already available online here.

Charging from the front side

Researchers from the Fraunhofer IISB institute developed a system that allows charging the vehicle from the front side rather than from the bottom, which can virtually close the gap in touching the charging coil with its receiver coil. This makes the system more efficient and cost-effective, and reduces the likelihood that objects can enter the space between the coils. Read more.

Special WPT Session at URSI's AT-RASC'2015

COST IC1301 will organize a special session dedicated to “Wireless Power Transmission and Energy Harvesting” in the AT-RASC’2015 conference (flagship event of URSI), to be held in Gran Canaria in May’2015. The paper submission deadline is Dec. 15th, 2014. More information.

Wireless charging trousers

British designer, A. Sauvage, has created the first ever pair of wireless charging trousers for London Collections: ‘Modern Man’. This may be just the start of a trend. In the near future it's likely that more products like this will make their way into the market, turning WPT into a well established technology. Read more.

Wireless charging using ultra-sound

Unlike other wireless charging standards that require you to place gadgets in contact with mats, uBeam's ultrasound-based technology allow you to move freely while charging. If the technology works as intended, you can actually move around the room while your device's battery gauge fills up. Read more.

Chipless RFID special issue
at WPT journal 

To promote the development of chipless technology and celebrate a milestone in the progress of the technology, we have planned a special issue on ‘chipless technology’ to be published in the Wireless Power Transfer journal. The manuscript submission deadline is January 31 2015. More Information.

EPC demonstrates a WPT system at APEC 2014

The EPC9111 / EPC9112 Wireless power demonstration system is a high efficiency, A4WP compliant, Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS), Voltage Mode Class D Wireless Power transfer demonstration system capable of delivering up to 35 W into a DC load while operating at 6.78 MHz (Lowest ISM band). Watch video.

How will you charge the Apple Watch?

According to the presentation it will need to be charged overnight and uses an inductive charger with a special MagSafe-style magnetic attachment that clicks into the bottom of the device. Read more. The growing trend of smart watches is a great opportunity for our COST action to have an impact.
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