Newsletter of COST Action WIPE - Wireless Power Transmission for Sustainable Electronics

Newsletter 2 - June 2014

WIPE - Wireless Power Transmission for Sustainable Electronics

WIPE Newsletter

IC1301 - WIPE is a COST Action that aims to develop efficient Wireless Power Transmission (WPT) technologies and strategies tailored for battery-less systems and sensors, passive RFID and NFC, and establish Europe as a leading scientific and industrial player in this field. 

Enjoy our second issue!

June 23-26

Summer School in Aveiro, Portugal

September 8-12
1st European School RFID, Paris-Est, France

September 8-9

RFID-TA Conference, Tampere, Finland 

October 5-10

European Microwave Week, Rome, Italy

Summer School almost here

COST IC1301 International Summer School on Wireless Power Transmission for Space Applications will be held in Aveiro from June 23 to 26. More Information

1st European School on RFID

The First course on "RFID Technologies, from Concepts to Applications", will be held at the Université Paris-Est Marne-La-Vallée, France, from September 8th to September 12th, 2014. More information


The 2014 IEEE RFID Technology and Applications (RFID-TA) Conference will be held in Tampere, Finland during September 8-9, 2014. More Information.

Information request

We are requesting some information to all COST members about their institutions and activities. Among other things, we expect to build a geographical database with the gathered information. If you haven't already filled-in the form please do so here.

Women in Engineering event at EuMW2014

This event will focus on the use of microwave technologies for preservation and recovery of cultural heritages and, in particular, archaeological sites. At the end of the panel session, buses will drive attendees to OSTIA ANTICA, the old port of Rome, where an interactive visit will take place. Both women and men are welcome. More information.

Wireless charging goes beyond smartphones as A4WP extends standard to 50-W

The Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) has extended the organisation's Rezence-based wireless charging capabilities to deliver a specification for multi-device wireless charging up to 50 W. More information.

Safe way to transfer energy to medical chips in the body

Near field and far field coupling combined in order to enhance the wireless power transfer to medical implants. This wireless system developed by Assistant Professor Ada Poon uses the same power as a cell phone to safely transmit energy to chips the size of a grain of rice. More information.

Drayson Wireless, a new WPT venture from ICL

The business is based upon world-class research on wireless energy technology conducted over several years by scientists from the Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering at Imperial College London. More information.

Next WG Meeting

The next Working Group Meeting will be held in Toulousse, France, in October 2014.

Intel and A4WP working to bring wireless charging as standard by 2015

It seems that Intel is focused on bringing WPT to devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones in the near future. WPT is here to stay, no doubt about that. More Information.
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